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2020 - 2025

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The University of Hartford has an ambitious strategic action plan to transform the institution, ensure excellence, and sustain success.

Our Vision

Before outlining specific goals and objectives for direct action, UHart Start begins with a shared vision of a bright future that includes and involves our entire community.

Standing still is not an option.

The University of Hartford like many institutions of higher learning, stands at a pivotal juncture. Within the next five years, we will be ready to meet our promising future. But how will that future look and feel? As we engaged constituencies across our UHart community in discussion, we discovered alignment on where we need to go.

In the classroom and throughout campus, UHart's momentum is palpable. The time is now for us to take another significant leap forward.''

Aaron Issacs, Vice President of Student Success; Dean of Students
Where we are going—together.


Our careful and inclusive deliberation process identified six distinct goals that will guide UHart's active transformation through contributions by The President's Council, Staff Council, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and Board of Regents.

How we measure success

To hold ourselves accountable, the UHart Start Strategic Action Plan includes a set of metrics related to each of our goals. How we measure is as important as what we measure.

Data will be disaggregated by social and cultural categories, including race, gender identification, sexual orientation; and by segments of the community such as part time versus full time, college, department, and level of study.

To learn more about metrics of success, explore and expand details of Our Goals.

Students learning in the Hursey Center
UHart has always been-and always will be-absolutely committed to the success of our students.

Timeline for Success

Each of our six guiding goals has been segmented into objectives,
with responsibilities assigned in these three phases:

Students in the nursing simulation lab

NOW 2020–2023

To set a foundation for our future and address our most pressing issues, what must we accomplish first?

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Students in sound booth

SOON 2023–2025

Having completed an evaluation phase and begun our initial transition, which transformational activity must be completed next?

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LATER 2024– onward

As we reorient our University to its future, what initiatives and activities must we install to ensure excellence and sustain success on an ongoing basis?

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Roles and Responsibilities

UHart Start is built for action, with clearly assigned roles and alignment on our measurements of success.

Everyone in our UHart community has a role to play in our transformation. Progress will be monitored along the way, and oversight will roll up to the president and chief operating officer.

Expand details below to see key roles for individual and departments:

  • The president and chief operating officer will lead plan engagement across the University
  • Individuals and departments listed within the plan’s phases will activate key objectives
  • The Resources, Planning, and Priorities Committee (led by the provost and CFO) will monitor progress on the plan, match budgetary planning to its requirements, and provide semiannual reports to the campus, president, and Board of Regents

The president and chief operating officer will ensure the Strategic Plan’s success.

  • President’s Council
  • Staff Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Government Association
  • Board of Regents
  • Individuals across the University through ongoing dialogue within designated communication channels
  • All current and prospective University of Hartford students, staff, and faculty
  • Key partners, donors, and alumni
  • Our broader Hartford-area communities
  • The world at large
Campus Building
Open since Fall 2021, the Francis X. and Nancy Hursey Center for Advanced Engineering and Health Professions houses new, specialized, and technology-rich facilities for many of our growing programs.

How You Can Help

We need your help to ensure our plan’s success!

Thank you for your interest in our strategic action plan. If you have comments, concerns, or a desire to take a more active role in shaping our future, please reach out! 

You can email or contact your respective departmental representative.

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