General Education

All colleges offer a selection of required general education courses as a core for Baccalaureate Degree programs. All programs require students to take two writing courses (6 credits) and a mathematics course (3cr). Further requirements may vary by both college and program.

The University Interdisciplinary Studies (UIS) Curriculum

University Interdisciplinary Studies (UIS) is a topic-based curriculum in which each course and topic is explored through multiple disciplinary lenses.

All Baccalaureate Degree seeking students take four courses in the University Interdisciplinary Studies Program (UIS) from four different content areas including at least one course with a detailed focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As undergraduate students take courses in UIS, they are introduced, perhaps for the first time, to fields of knowledge that may hold special opportunities for them. Many students who begin college have not decided on a major or profession. The UIS encourages students to explore majors in a thoughtful way and thus may lead them to new interests and career choices.

When students enter the University of Hartford, they become part of a learning community. Through the active involvement integral to UIS courses, a community of helping and supportive students and faculty develops. The University of Hartford becomes a true community of learners.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Through general education courses, the University Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum, and the academic major, students build skills to master the University’s Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs): written communication, oral communication, critical thinking, teamwork/collaboration, intercultural knowledge and competence, quantitative literacy and integrative learning. These skills are crucial to success across the arc of a career and to productive citizenship in a democracy.

Curriculum Information

Academic Policies

Our academic policies are updated and reviewed annually. These are available to UHart community members by logging in using your UHart credentials.

Academic Policies
Course Evaluations

At the end of each semester, students will get a chance to evaluate their courses. You can learn more about the evaluation process, including faculty instructions.

Course Evaluations
Grading System & Dean's List

The University of Hartford uses a standard 4-point grading scale. Each letter is associated with a numerical quality point value.

Grading System